Readings & Classes


Astrology Readings


Natal Chart Readings - $179/90 mins.
The natal chart reading offers insights into the current life circumstances and future possibilities.  90 minutes long.

Relationship Compatibility - $179/90 mins
These are my favorite readings.  See how compatible you are with a partner, child or friend and the areas that may require some compromises.  

Election Chart Reading - $179/90 mins
This type of reading can be used to help you select the best timing for an important event, like a wedding, a new business start, or a vacation.


Astrology Classes


Astrology Classes - $35/class / 6 for $179 Classes are 60 minutes long.  Great way to learn more about yourself, your friends and family.   Private or group classes in person or online.  Call for more info.

All classes are recorded on GoToMeeting, so you will not miss anything if you cannot attend a class.