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Kim's 40+-year journey in astrology began when she was studying the collected works of Carl Jung in college.  Jung described the correlation between astrological configurations in the charts of spouses having successful marriages.  Surprised that Jung was even interested in astrology, she needed to find out more.  

Kim put an ad in the local paper for an astrology teacher.  She received a response almost immediately from a woman who began the call by asking, "Honey, when is your birthday?” After providing her date, time and place of birth, the astrologer quickly calculated Kim's chart and said, "You are destined to be an astrologer and you are going to be my apprentice.”...

And Kim's life was dramatically changed.  She spent the next six months at her mentor's kitchen table reading books and looking at charts for eight hours a day until her mentor declared her ready to emerge as an astrologer. 

While Kim's readings cover all facets of astrology, she has developed a particular skill in relationship dynamics and helping clients recognize the timing of opportunities and lessons in their chart.  Having read thousands of charts, she can help you navigate important crossroads in your life.