Astrological Pendants

Order a hand-crafted silver or gold pendant inscribed with your birth chart. Or,  gift one to someone you love.  

Each medallion is hand-crafted with a birth chart and a symbol and/or gemstone of your choice in the center.  The standard size is  approximately 35 mm in diameter (about 1.38 inches).   Pendants can also be double-sided with another chart or symbol of your choice.  

Every pendant is custom-designed, carved in wax, cast in metal and then polished (a two-to-three-day process).  Prices vary based on the price of precious metals and design customizations.  These are unique art pieces that you cannot get anywhere else.  

To order a pendant, complete the Pendant Options Form below for a custom quote or call for details (303) 588-8770. Prices vary based on the metal, center design and stone selection.  

If you would like a stone set in the pendant, what type of stone would you like?
What glyph would you like in the center of your piece? Examples: Triskele, Pentacle, Sun Sign, Favorite Planet, Sacred Symbol...
Name *
This information will be used to calculate the chart on the pendant. Placidus houses are the default. Specify, if you would like another house system
Example: Would you like engraving on the back?